Surface Mount Door Closer
Surface Mount Door Closer


Surface Mount Door Closer


880 series door closer is used with regular stamping arm. Built-in hold open function is optional. Forged steel arm, stamping arm and hold open arm or other kinds are available by requested. The speed adjusting valves are on the front of body. Body size : 207L x 55W x 40H

Further Product Features:
  • Comply with EN1154 Standard, over 500,000 cycle test.
  • Power size 2、3、4 according to EN 1154.
  • Adjustable closing and latching speed.
  • Non-handed for standard, top jamb or parallel arm installation.
  • Universal application.
  • Available with regular, hold-open or sliding arms.
  • Built in Hold-open function (optional): Open door to 80 degree, the door will remain open unless it is pushed to close again.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Do not use hold open function on fire doors.
  • Doors of unusual height or weight, or doors subject to severe wind or draft conditions, or abusive usage, require the next larger model closer than the usual.
  • Defective product will be replaced with a new one; but no claims for damage incurred, wrong installment and improper use will not be in the warranty.
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Model No. Max. Door Width (mm) Max. Door Weight (kg)
882 850 20~40
883 950 40~60
884 1100 60~80